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Master Logger Certification Process

Master Logger certification process is detailed and rigorous.

First, applicants must complete the five-day Professional Timber Harvester Education Program.

An application is submitted providing a list of five past and current harvest sites, along with three professional references. The Master Logger Certifying Board checks references to ensure the applicant’s compliance with business and natural resource laws. At least two field verifiers visit the applicant’s logging sites to ensure compliance with Best Management Practices (BMP) taught in the Professional Timber Harvester Education course. Sixty eight specific measures are checked.

If their work passes these tests, applicants sign a code of ethics, and their application goes to the nine-member certifying board. These members represent various forest stakeholders and areas of expertise. Certification requires a unanimous vote of all nine members.

Master Loggers must be recertified every two years. Failure to follow specified safety, environmental, forest management or business practices can result in decertification.


Performance Standards

Certification Handbook