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Workers Compensation Insurance

Missouri Wood Industry Insurance Trust

The Missouri Wood Industry Insurance Trust was established in 1992 for the purpose of providing stable, cost effective workers compensation solutions for the wood industry in Missouri. Over the past several years the Trust has developed into a proven leader in the areas of client services, rate stability and loss prevention.

Loss Control Services
The Trust provides employee safety training, quarterly site inspections, program development, and OSHA program assistance at no additional cost to our members.

Claims Involvement
We want our members to take an active role in the administration and direction of their claims. You, as the employer, would retain the authority to direct medical treatment and provide input on injury authorization issues. One of the guiding philosophies of the Trust is to be up front and fair when dealing with injured employees, and to vigorously fight fraudulent claims.

Workers Compensation at Net Cost
All “Underwriting Profits” are returned to the membership two years after any given policy period. The Trust continues its philosophy of rate adequacy to ensure a profitable loss ratio for its members.

Local Ownership and Control
All services of the Trust are administered and monitored in Missouri. Unlike other carriers, who insure many different industries, the Trust understands the forest products industry and its unique demands. The Missouri Forest Products Association endorses the Trust as its workers compensation provider.

If your company is ready to take a proactive role in the administration of your workers compensation coverage an inspection of your facility will be required to determine if your operations and safety programs meet the standards of the Trust. Basic information typically required for your workers compensation renewal will also be needed. 

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Darin Crisman -Trust Administrator for Missouri Wood Industry Insurance Trust