Education - Training Schedule

Upcoming Professional Timber Harvester Training Sessions

The following list shows all currently scheduled opportunities around the state to complete the PTH core curriculum and to earn continuing education credits. Additional classes are added as they are scheduled.

PTH Logger CE Requirements.

Continuing Education Form.

2015 Scheduled PTH Core Curriculum Sessions (note classes are not all in chronological order):

Location Level 1 & 2 Level 3 & 4 Forest Management Registration
Fredericktown January 26-27 February 9-10 February 3 FULL
Marionville February 16-17 March 16-17 February 24 FULL
Eminence March 9-10 March 30-31 March 3 FULL
Piedmont May 5-6 June 10-11 May 19 FULL
Camdenton May 12-13 June 16-17 June 9 CLICK HERE
Salem August 4-5 September 1-2 August 11 CLICK HERE

Justin Foster PTH Logger Training Scholarship

Scheduled PTH Continuing Education Opportunities:

Location Date Class Description & Registration
Kirksville February 25 Map and Compass Registration required
Eminence Eminence Map and Compass Registration required
Salem May 20 Map and Compass Registration required
N/A N/A Woodyard Safety $30
N/A N/A Logging Deck Safety $30

Other Continuing Education Opportunities:
(As new opportunities, outside of MFPA, become available for 2015, we will list them in this section of our website.)

Date Topic Location